Veracity Technologies LLC was honored to place second in the 2014 Risk-It Indiana competition on May 15, 2014. We debuted our first embedded hardware product, Bound2Find™, that will aid in the protection and quality of life of those at risk – such as the elderly, persons with mental and debilitating diseases, children, and others who are at risk of wandering away. This product will provide family members, caregivers, or health care providers the exact location of loved ones or patients.

Why Is Bound2Find Important?

According to statistics published by the FBI, 15 endangered/disabled persons are reported missing each hour. In surveys we’ve conducted, 6% of people care for someone with a form of dementia. More so troubling is that according to the Alzheimer’s Association, one person is diagnosed every 67 seconds and that individual has a 60% chance of wandering off.

Jyll Stuart, Founder and CEO, stated “Bound2Find is targeted for the home caregiver and is designed to notify that caregiver if a patient wanders beyond a specified zone. Caregivers will be able to outline zones via a web or mobile app and get notified by phone or text message if their loved one wanders. The device is discrete and does not look like a “house arrest” bracelet.”

Such a device would not only give caregivers a greater peace of mind, it would allow the authorities a more focused area to perform searches. The device would serve to minimize costs involved in formal organized searches for missing loved ones. The device will be designed to be inconspicuous, in the event a loved one is resistant to wearing it, or doesn’t want others to notice they are being monitored.

“Competing in and being recognized at this event is very important to Veracity Technologies,” according to Jyll. This year’s event marked the third anniversary of the annual business plan competition sponsored by the Southeast Indiana Small Business Development Center.

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