Our SUCCESS Stories

We like to brag a little bit on the success of our clients! In all honesty, we brag quite a bit about their businesses and organizations because we feel like we’re a part of their family. Soon we will be putting up a portfolio section of some of our work. In some cases, our clients have fully taken over the reins and have grown and we’re very proud of that!

Our Web Site Projects

We love developing with WordPress! It can do some pretty amazing things and it has an easy learning curve for those who wish to perform their own content updates. Here is a select list of web clients:

Our Custom Software Projects

Veracity Technologies has written over a million lines of code across several client projects. Such projects include the following:

  • Durable medical goods mobile inventory application
  • Professional training CEU tracking system
  • Telemedicine applications
  • Geo-tracking domestic mail

Our Business Solutions Projects

Veracity Technologies has worked with many clients to streamline their business processes. From converting spreadsheets into web applications and developing new automated processes, we have helped many achieve success with their endeavors.

  • Automate zip code selections for mailing list processing
  • Automate zip code selection based on residential population for mailing lists
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization of content and results
  • Direct mail automation system
  • Private server management
  • Technology consulting services
  • Training program development and delivery
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