About  Us

Long story short

We believe that we’ve been successful and grown our business because we have helped other business owners succeed. Veracity Technologies started off as a part-time venture back in 1997. Our Founder, Jyll Stuart, had the opportunity to take the business full time in 2010. Her vision is to leverage the appropriate technology to help small business owners reach their full potential. We are in the Purdue Technology Center Co-Space here in New Albany, Indiana. The Veracity Team has over thirty years of combined experience in information technology and business process improvement.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We believe in working ethically and with all of our heart. “Veracity” means honesty and truthfulness. That’s the basis of which we recommend solutions to our clients If we believe that we cannot assist you with your request, we will work with you to find another solution partner. We won’t lead you on for the sake of a sale – we promise. Bottom line, we believe that we are called to a higher service to help others and to reflect what exists inside all of us to the world.


Veracity Technologies is a woman-owned business. We know that technology is changing the world. We also realize that diversity is important for any business as it brings new ideas to the forefront and makes us more competitive overall.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You